Mulieres Boilery — this is how we affectionately call our manufacturing premises — was founded a couple of years ago as a home hobby and out of curiosity to natural and allergy-free products. Search for and the testing of recipes of herbal detergents was also caused by a practical need because one of our children was with a very sensitive skin and washing of clothes, especially pants, caused skin irritation and redness even if sensitive detergents were used.

At first, we only made natural detergent and multi-purpose cleaner for our own family, but as time went by, many of our family friends and acquaintances also wished to be a part of our experiments. The final trigger for commencing our business activities was the discovery that the products of Mulieres can be marketed in especially environmentally friendly packages.

When developing our recipes, we turned to the traditional methods of home cleaning and laundry washing, which have been used by our ancestors already for hundreds of years, but were forgotten due to the chemical revolution of the previous century. Nowadays people have rediscovered and have increasingly come to appreciate ecologically clean tastes, scents and colours — for this reason we have developed products for conscious and demanding consumers who care about their own as well as their family's health and for environmental protection.

Our plant-based cleaners and detergents are based on olive oil, which is skin friendly and with good cleaning properties. Our products are free of parabens, oil products, synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives. The products are not tested on animals and are suitable for vegans. In order to achieve a pleasant aroma, our products are scented with high-quality essential oils.

Mulieres symbolises "joy" and believe it or not, our products are aimed at making cleaning more fun and enjoyable.

Our team

Our principles

Health is the most important thing for us. In our products we do not use ingredients which could cause harm to people or the surrounding environment. We believe that the products we use to care for our body and our surroundings are as important as what we eat and drink.