Our product line is based on skin-friendly olive oil that has excellent cleaning qualities but at the same time won’t irritate sensitive skin. We make our products in Estonia at our cosy production unit called Seebikoda which mean Boilery in English. All of our products have been tested and shown to perform excellently at Tallinn University of Technology.

Mulieres is safe, all of the ingredients are natural, and our products will not cause any harm to you or to the environment around you. Mulieres is the first choice for families with children, as well as people with sensitive or allergic skin.

Let’s save the Baltic Sea!

We would like to give our customers an opportunity to do their laundry and clean their houses in harmony with Mother Nature, without disturbing the delicate balance of the Baltic Sea. Nearly 85 million people live on the shores of the Baltic Sea, and due to special geographical, climatic and oceanographic characteristics, the Baltic Sea is very vulnerable to environmental impacts caused by human activities. More and more people are feeling anxiety and responsibility for the living environment we leave for our children. Mulieres products are based on natural and harmless surfactants, which means that our products are biodegradable. The Baltic Sea countries have jointly agreed on the objective of restoring the marine environment of the Baltic Sea. Mulieres is also glad to contribute!


Our unscented laundry wash and multi cleaner have obtained a label from the Estonian Allergy Federation proving that they are safe, trustworthy, without any fragrances, and do not contain any substances causing hypersensitivity. None of our products contain parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, or dyes.


The Vegan Society label is a lighthouse for vegan consumers, their families and friends. The sunflower symbol can be found on not only food and beverages, but also skin care products, home care products and services. The history of the label dates back to 1944 and for many years already the sunflower symbol gives the consumers confidence that they use high-quality and ethical products. Our products carry the label of International Vegan Society, certifying that they have not been tested on animals and are 100% suitable for vegans.


Mulieres Natural Laundry Wash in rose garden scent is the winner of Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2016 in best new eco/natural living product category.


ECOCERT is one of Europe’s most solid and prestigious standards, which is globally recognized. Mulieres products are certified as ‘Natural Detergent Made with Organic’ by ECOCERT, which confirms that our home care products comply with the standards of sustainable development. The certification confirms that ingredients used in Mulieres products are from 99,97% natural origin, they are biodegradable and safe for the environment. In addition, 10.26% of ingredients are from organic farming.

99,97% NATURAL

We use this label on all products to emphasize that Mulieres products are biodegradable, paraben-free and consist of 99,97% natural ingredients.

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